Code of Ethics

The Institute of Professional Meditation teachers holds that all organisations offering the Maharishi Disciplines should have a written Code of Ethics, and we provide here below, as an example, the Code of Ethics published by the Association for Spiritual Integrity.


From the Institute of Business Ethics


Because ethics is discretionary, the main tool to guide staff is a Code of Ethics. But a code is necessary but not sufficient. Needs to be supported with training and communication and a mechanism to raise concerns.

From the Alliance for Integrity


Never before have we talked so much about integrity and how the lack of it may result in an imbalance and instability in our business activities.
So, what does your company do every day to boost the integrity of your business?
We at the Alliance for Integrity believe in sustainable development and the prevention of corruption. Our aim is to pave the way for a more ethical society. For example, if your company’s integrity was a bottle of pure apple juice, what quality of fruit would you use?
What if all the production stages of the juice were the transactions your company conducts with your partners?
Just one rotten apple in the juice will ruin your entire product. However, you can implement four basic attitudes to ensure no bad apples compromise the quality of the whole juice, and you will generate trust and credibility in the market. See below:
– Create a code of ethics and conduct
– Identify any conflicts of interest
– Establish a reporting channel
– Train your employees in your integrity policy and communicate it

Everything starts with your code of ethics. Consult with your managers and employees to create a document that reflects the commitment of senior management to values such as sustainability, respect, tolerance, gender equality and, above all, transparency. This document will help your employees fulfil the company’s mission, comply with the relevant legislation and create a culture that encourages ethical conduct. This will plant the first healthy seeds which will bear fruit. Otherwise, you may jeopardise your harvest, your transport, the extraction process, and your juice may fail to be… as pure and wholesome. But it’s not just the taste of your juice that counts. Very soon, not only consumers but society as a whole will scrutinise every process, and companies will no longer be able to sell juice of dubious origin. Both the market and society in general will demand corporate transparency, and you must be ready to step up to the mark! Watch the next videos where we will address the other three attitudes.

Integrity generates confidence!
Invest in integrity!
Alliance for Integrity

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